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California ruling paves way for class action copyright suit

The increasing popularity of online media streaming services and digital radio has led to a sharp decline in record sales across the country, and artists and music labels now rely more heavily on the royalties paid to them by satellite radio and internet companies. However, some of these companies pay no royalties for music they play that was recorded before Feb. 15, 1972. California law protects the work produced by artists before this date, but federal law provides no such protection.

Business litigation in California

Many lawsuits faced by California businesses are fairly straightforward and may be disposed of with little fuss, but others are far more pressing in nature. Serious legal issues can lead to lines of credit drying up and a loss of confidence among both suppliers and customers. If your business is being threatened by litigation or you feel that another party has not lived up to their contractual obligations, consulting with an attorney experienced in this area could be a prudent step to take.

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