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Challenging a government taking through eminent domain

Property owners in California who have received a notice about an eminent domain action have the right to challenge the government's decision to take their land. Before a notice about eminent domain is presented to a property owner, the government is obligated to offer the property owner a fair price and participate in negotiations over the compensation.

When the government can seize private property

Homeowners in California are generally entitled to defend their property against parties that are attempting lay claim to it. However, there are some rare circumstances where the government can seize property from a homeowner. Depending on the reason the property is being seized, the government may or may not be obligated to compensate the property owner financially.

Considering the benefits of franchising

Entrepreneurs and business owners in California might be interested in considering the benefits that franchising offers. Franchising involves a franchisor allowing a franchisee the right to use a trademark, trade name, brand, concept or business model under specified terms and conditions. Under a typical franchise agreement, the franchisor will provide an array of resources that may include assistance with obtaining financing, training, marketing and other aspects of the operation.

Are there different types of zoning categories?

In California, there are various types of zoning under the law, which determines the allowable use of a given piece of property and the type of building or business that can be located in an area. Zoning differs depending on whether the land is located in a rural or urban area, and there are subcategories of zones within both urban and rural locations.

Breaking a lease in California with the least financial liability

Understanding California real estate laws regarding a commercial lease is important for business owners. In the event a commercial lease has to be broken, reducing the financial liabilities can be accomplished with a few significant steps. The first step is to read the lease terms and have a solid understanding of all obligations on either side regarding early termination. There should be terms directly related to early termination of the lease. Identifying those terms, such as security deposit and financial penalty, is important.

Several new hotels debuting downtown

Downtown Los Angeles will soon become home to several new hotels, including one that will be located in the historic Commercial Exchange building. Along with the new hotels set to debut, the Hotel Figueroa may experience some changes after being sold to new owners. The giant advertisements that can be seen on the south-facing walls of the hotel are well known, and it is unclear whether easements are in place that will protect the billboard space.

Crowdfunding used for financing Southern California hotel

The U.S. hotel industry has now entered into what is called real estate crowdfunding. This method of using large numbers of small contributions by investors to finance these business ventures is being tried by one Southern California hotel in Palm Springs.

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