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August 2014 Archives

Employers may be sued for failing to provide employee breaks

Many employers may be interested to learn that the City Los Angeles has agreed to a $26 million settlement with more than a thousand of the city's sanitation workers. The workers had joined together in a class-action lawsuit against the city government over a ban on lunchtime breaks that they argued was a violation of state law. The California Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that employers must provide workers with uninterrupted breaks and must neither discourage nor impede the mandated break periods.

California satellite network systems firm loses award for damages

On Aug. 8, a Southern California U.S. District Court reversed an award for damages that had been granted to Loral Space & Communications Inc. A jury had previously found that the company should pay $283 million in damages to the satellite network systems firm ViaSat Inc. The damages award had been made against a former unit of Loral, Space Systems/Loral, with which ViaSat had agreed to collaborate on a satellite construction project. Loral is based in New York and reported $1.1 billion in revenue in 2011. ViaSat, based in Carlsbad, reported $1.11 billion in revenue in 2013.

Understanding a breach of contract and its remedies

Some California business owners may need a quick explanation of what a breach of contract is and how to resolve one. A breach of contract occurs when a party who has entered into a contractual agreement fails to fulfill one or more of the terms in the agreement. Suppose two parties enter into an agreement to manufacture a product, each party agreeing to provide specific parts by certain dates. The failure of one party to provide parts by the date specified would be a breach of contract.

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