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Business litigation in California

Many lawsuits faced by California businesses are fairly straightforward and may be disposed of with little fuss, but others are far more pressing in nature. Serious legal issues can lead to lines of credit drying up and a loss of confidence among both suppliers and customers. If your business is being threatened by litigation or you feel that another party has not lived up to their contractual obligations, consulting with an attorney experienced in this area could be a prudent step to take.

While a civil trial may ultimately be needed to resolve contentious business issues, there will always be a certain degree of uncertainty with court proceedings. Attorneys on both sides may advocate vigorously on behalf of their clients, but they could also seek to avoid the risk and cost of a trial by searching for a compromise. When choosing an attorney, you may wish to consider negotiation skills as well as courtroom records.

Business disputes may also be decided by mediation. This process allows for an independent party to make a binding decision in an atmosphere less adversarial than a trial. If this form of alternative dispute resolution is required by the court, you may wish to choose a business attorney who has experience in these proceedings both as a representative of one of the parties involved and as a settlement officer.

Legal disputes among businesses often involve claims of breach of contract, but litigation may also arise from shareholder disputes or claims that intellectual property has been infringed upon. Business litigation attorneys may also be called upon when claims are made that an employer has violated employment regulations. If you would like to learn more about disputes regarding contracts or other business matters, please visit our page containing information about the subject.

Source: Rodi Pollock Pettker Christian &Pramov, a Law Corporation, "Los Angeles Business Litigation Attorneys", November 06, 2014

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