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When the government can seize private property

Homeowners in California are generally entitled to defend their property against parties that are attempting lay claim to it. However, there are some rare circumstances where the government can seize property from a homeowner. Depending on the reason the property is being seized, the government may or may not be obligated to compensate the property owner financially.

Considering the benefits of franchising

Entrepreneurs and business owners in California might be interested in considering the benefits that franchising offers. Franchising involves a franchisor allowing a franchisee the right to use a trademark, trade name, brand, concept or business model under specified terms and conditions. Under a typical franchise agreement, the franchisor will provide an array of resources that may include assistance with obtaining financing, training, marketing and other aspects of the operation.

Landlord, tenant rights in California

In California, tenants and landlords have certain rights after signing a commercial lease or residential rental agreement. For instance, state law allows a tenant to assign a commercial lease to another party. In some cases, it may be possible to assign a residential lease, although most leases restrict this. In the case of a commercial lease, a landlord may be able to restrict assignment assuming said restriction is reasonable.

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