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Preventing infringement in social media

Entrepreneurs in California might benefit from understanding more about social media's impact on intellectual property and infringement litigation. Many firms have embraced the benefits that social media can offer a business, but there are still professionals unaware of the dangers that might accompany an increasing a presence online. One concern is overexposure of the brand combined within an inability to effectively monitor or safeguard the business from infringement.

The current climate online makes it fairly easy for the average layperson to reproduce and distribute copyrighted material. Businesses are advised to identify any types of intellectual property that may be exposed to these types of risks online. Due to the rapid circulation of information on the Internet, businesses are advised to confirm whether the other party's actions actually qualify as copyright infringement before taking any decisive action.

Trademark laws are designed to safeguard an enterprise's product and brand name from infringement. Using company trademarks as the point of contact for consumers and businesses on social media websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook has become the norm for almost every major industry around the world. Copyright laws allow the creator of an original work to file a lawsuit for infringement if it is being reproduced online.

Lawyers might be able to assist businesses or entrepreneurs who need more information about copyright infringement and trademark contracts. Legal counsel may be able to investigate the complaint and help discern whether the other party is in violation of the law. Lawyers may also be prepared to help businesses obtain the appropriate licenses and registrations needed to protect their intellectual property from future infringement.

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