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Pokemon Go technology may be used in commercial real estate

Pokemon Go players in California are familiar with the augmented reality that is a significant part of game play, and experts in commercial real estate say that the technology may have an impact in their industry as well. It is expected that by 2025, virtual and augmented reality will be a $80 million market.

Already, retailers and cafe and restaurant owners are using aspects of the game to bring more customers to their stores. One researcher says that the technology of virtual and augmented reality may be combined in the future to merge the experiences of online and brick-and-mortar shopping. Signs or window displayed might be customized to appeal to individual customers.

Not just customers but employees as well may begin working more with the technology. According to the report, one warehouse in the Netherlands used augmented reality to improve its efficiency. Because augmented reality requires strong servers, data centers may grow as well. Privacy, cybersecurity and physical security will all be issues that must be dealt with as the technology expands.

As technology like virtual and augmented reality moves into more sectors of business and commercial real estate that have not traditionally used high-tech solutions, there may be legal changes and challenges. For example, a retail owner using augmented reality may need to find out what the obligations are regarding the physical safety of customers, or there might be new concerns regarding data protection. Workflow in warehouses and other companies that use the technology with their employees might also change significantly, and this could lead to changes in an employer's legal responsibilities.

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