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Renting commercial real estate

Choosing a commercial space to rent is one of the most important decisions California business owners make. The factors that each business owner will consider when looking for a rental space will depend on the needs of their enterprise. For example, some businesses need to be near customers while others need to be near suppliers. Other considerations include square footage, onsite employee parking and whether the commercial space has private offices.

A commercial real estate broker can assist a business owner with the process of selecting a commercial rental. A broker may ask the business owner how much rent they can afford and what location they want to be in and then look for the best properties in the desired price range and location. After two or three rental properties have been selected, the business owner and broker can negotiate with the landlords for the best deal.

When discussing rent with a potential landlord, a business owner should understand how much the landlord is charging per square foot and whether rent increases are automatic. It's also important to know what extra fees are not included in the rent, whether maintenance is included and how long the lease term is. Some commercial landlords prefer long-term leases while others prefer tenants to renew short-term leases.

Before signing a commercial real estate lease, it may be important for a business owner to have a lawyer look over the document. A lawyer may be able to identify any missing items in the lease and point out any clauses that may cause lease disputes to arise later on.

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